Queen Street Specialist Centre

Below is a list of specialist that consult at the specialist centre.

Specialist Services

  • A/Prof Michael BARAKATE   Ear Nose Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon
  • Dr Tushar HALDER   Specialist Surgeon General, Endoscopy, Breast & Endocrine
  • Dr Visvfan MANOHARAN   Specialist Surgeon General, Laparoscopic & Endoscopy
  • Dr Monwar HOSSAIN   Consultant Geriatrician and General Physician
  • Dr Vishal GUPTA   Consultant Paediatrician
  • Dr Haydar OZCAN   Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeon
  • Dr Asrar Khan   Consultant Renal Physician
  • Ms Jaideep Kaur   Speech Therapist

Make An Appointment

You can make an appointment by ringing the medical centre on 02 9646 9900 or online by clicking appointment